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Troubleshooting Feelix

Solutions to common issues with Feelix.

The motor does not connect with Feelix

  • Check if your computer recognizes the microcontroller when its connected via USB.
  • Make sure you are trying to connect to the right port. When Feelix recognizes the microcontroller, the vendor will be displayed.
  • When using an STM32 microcontroller, make sure the device is in RUN mode.
  • Make sure the port is not in use by another program (e.g. Serial monitor of the Arduino IDE)
  • If the microcontroller is not recognized, press the RESET button while the microcontroller is connected to the computer. For Teensy more details on troubleshooting the connection with the Teensy visit https://www.pjrc.com/teensy/troubleshoot.html.
  • In case the microcontroller is not recognized, test it on a different USB port or computer if possible. The STM32 board uses USB2.0.
  • Try to restart Feelix in case the microcontroller is recognized by the computer but not by Feelix.

Motor is not behaving as expected

  • Try to recalibrate the motor
  • Make sure the right number of pole-pairs are specified (see hardware settings) If not, recalibrate the motor.
  • Check if the motor is receiving power
  • Check if the supply voltage in the motor settings is similar to the power supplied to the motor

Motor cursor does not move

  • Check if the sensor is still working
  • Upload example code from the SimpleFOC library to read the sensor value
    Arduino IDE => examples => simpleFOC => utils => sensor_test => magnetic_sensor => magnetic sensor spi example
  • If the sensor value is not read, check your wiring. In case there are no problems with the wiring, the issue is probably caused by a broken sensor.

Feelix is not loading properly

  • Issue occured after update? Go to 'help' > 'development tools'
  • Search for 'application' in the development tools
  • Clear all data
  • Restart Feelix.

Code is not compiling

  • Check if SimpleFOC library is installed
  • SimpleFOC version 2.2.3 may not be compiling, downgrade to 2.2.2 or 2.2.1 to resolve the issue
Is your issue not listed here? Report it on github.