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Connect and Upload

Instructions for connecting Feelix with your micrcontroller


  • Use an USB cable to connect the micro-controller to your computer
  • Open the microcontroller settings window by going to Hardware > Microcontroller Settings or click the settings icon in the toolbar on the left side
  • Click on the add button (+) and select the right port from the list. Use the refresh button next to the dropdown to list all available ports.
  • Select the corresponding vendor of the microcontroller and press the save button
  • A new microcontroller will be added to microcontroller list in the window
  • The number of pole-pairs needs to be specified for the motor to operate correctly (find the number of pole-pairs for your motor)
  • The supply voltage should match the voltage used to power the motor (default: 12V)
Microcontroller settings


  • Select the desired port from the dropdown (see image)
  • Render the collection (button with: ↺)
  • Click upload (button with: ⇑)
  • Uploading will start if the selected micrcontroller is connected with USB. The upload progress is visible in the statusbar at the bottom of the window.
The added microcontroller will be visible in the 'select port' dropdown above the collections.
Make sure the Serial Monitor of the Arduino IDE is closed, otherwise Feelix will not be able to connect with the microcontroller.