The effects designed with Feelix can be exported as plain text and used in combination with the Feelix C++ library.

This functionality is available in v2.0.3^

Export effects designed with Feelix

In order to export an effect go to the effects tab of the library window and click the export button next to the effect (see image below).

An export window will appear. The render quality of the export can be modified, increasing the value will reduce the number of data points.

Import effects designed with Feelix

Paste the code above the setup function in your Arduino code.

/* initialize */ 
EffectConfig_s sawtooth_config {
	.data_size = 4,
	.angle = 120,
	.quality = 40,
	.effect_type = Effect_type::DEPENDENT,
	.control_type = Control_type::TORQUE

float data_sawtooth[] = {0.0, 0.95, -0.95, 0.0};
FeelixEffect sawtooth = FeelixEffect(sawtooth_copy_config, data_sawtooth_copy);

More information about how to use these effects can be found in the documentation

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