Feelix C++ Library

The C++ library is available for 32 bit boards (Arduino, Teensy, STM32, and ESP32).

ibrary for to Connect with Feelix Software

Feelix requires the following code on the microcontroller.

BLDC Control

The code builds upon SimpleFOC v2.2.1 by Antun Skuric Information about how to install the SimpleFOC library.

Pneumatic Control

Library for Exported Feelix Effects

After you exported effects in Feelix, you can use the FeelixEffect library to import them in your code. You can no longer connect with Feelix when using this library.

Want to learn about how to embed the effects in your arduino code? Have a look at the FeelixEffect library documentation

Uploading files to Teensy or STM32

Files can be uploaded with Arduino IDE with an extension for Teensy (select board Teensy 3.2). The extension can be downloaded here: https://www.pjrc.com/teensy/teensyduino.html.

Follow the these instructions when uploading to STM32 for the first time.

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