Velocity Effects

Velocity effect can be designed in two forms (angle/time) and (velocity/time)

Option available in v2.0.3^

Playing velocity effects

After render and uploading the effect, the collection can be started with the play button. To play the collection in a loop, activite the button next to the play button as displayed in the example below.

Velocity over time

Velocity effects can be drawn as velocity (y-axis) over time (x-axis). This option uses value between 0% and 100% of the maximum velocity. A negative velocity results in a rotation in the opposite direction.

Angle over time

The second option is specifying the angle (y-axis) over time (x-axis). For this option the range of the y-axis of the drawing canvas can be specified in degrees. The effect will start at the position the motor is at after uploading.

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