Edit tools

The tool window can be selected from the toolbar (view > show toolbar (Ctrl + T)).

Hold the space bar to enable zoom with the mouse wheel or touchpad

Selection tool (V)

The selection tool can be used to select and transform paths. In combination with the SHIFT key, transformations with constant aspect ratio can be performed.

Direct selection tool (A)

The direct selection tool is used to change the position of anchor and control points to modify existing paths.

Brush tool (B)

Paths can be drawn with the brush tool, collection of generated points will be transformed into a simplified Bezier curve.

Pen tool (P)

The pen tool is used to draw Bezier curves, add and delete anchor points on a path, or connect two paths.

Anchor tool (Q)

The anchor tool can be used to change the position of a control point without changing the position of the opposite control point, and to delete the control points of an anchor point.

Scissors tool (S)

The scissor tool can be used to divide a path in two separate paths.

Line-thickness tool (F)

For the design of haptic effects, the line-thickness tool can be used to change the line-thickness of a Bezier curve to indicate the direction of the force. Anchor points on the path can be pulled to left or right with the tool and new anchor points can be added on the path when holding shift.

Zoom tool (Z)

Zooming can be achieved with the zoom tool, or by scrolling the mouse wheel while holding the space bar.

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