• High torque brushless motor

  • 3-Phase motor driver (L6234)

  • Encoder (ams AS5047 / AS5048A / etc.)

  • 32 bit Microcontroller with at least 3 PWM pins (Arduino Due / Teensy / STM32 / ESP32/ Raspberry PICO) details on how to connect the microcontroller can be found here.

Recommended voltage 12V - 24V (check motor specifications)

Motors used in the courses

GB36-2 - 7 pole-pairs GB4315 - 14 pole-pairs GM4008H - 11 pole-pairs GM3408H - 11 pole-pairs

There is only a few millimeters screw thread in the mounting holes on top of the motor. A screw that is mounted too deep will damage the coils. Only use short screws or use a spacer with sufficient length or material of sufficient thickness to reduce the length of the screw that needs to tap into the motor.

Your motor not listed here? Check the configuration of the motor in the specs. For example, a configuration of 12N14P has 14 poles and therefore 7 pole-pairs.

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